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dhSeadragon Stare Down

Stare Down


There is an old abandoned mine in binocular view of a home that I had in Tucson. Broken down boards lay haphazardly across the entrance and the faded “No Trespassing” signs meant nothing to the mother bobcat that would return each spring.  Within days of her taking up residence, she would emerge accompanied by her new brood.  It was always such a pleasure to be a voyeur on their playtime.

My cat was not as easily enamored, in fact, she was downright edgy whenever “The Mom” was back in the hood.  Any little noise and she would blow up like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow kitty.  She would become a hissing ball of fury, truly a sight to behold!

To my knowledge, she never encountered a bobcat up close. However, some of my friends reported that their feisty felines had gone toe to toe with the bigger cats through windows and plate glass doors.  No doubt, as kittens our cats had practice biting, clawing, and channeling their inner Toulouse in the event that someday they would meet a tough alley cat!

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  My years at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ provided me with a wealth of opportunity to expand my background in art.  I was no longer confined to a small studio and therefore could make my projects mammoth if I chose to do so.  I was able to try my hand at set design, wood working, lights, etc…but I found that working with metal gave me the most satisfaction.
While in college, we were assigned the task of creating a nom de plume. dh is the first letter of my first and last name. Seadragon is a nickname dubbed to me by my father.
After graduating with my degree in fine art, the name stayed with me. Today, most of my art is signed dhSeadragon.


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