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dhSeadragon Smorgasbord


Some friends are building a bat habitat which sounds really amazing.  It was the inspiration for Smorgasbord!

An article by the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum shared a lot of fascinating information about bats. For instance, did you know that bats play an important role in our ecosystem?   They eat night flying insects such as moths and mosquitoes, disburse seeds, pollinate plants such as Saguaro, Agave, and Organ Pipe cactus, and their guano makes an excellent fertilizer.

Here are some other cool facts about bats.  Bats are the only mammals that can fly.  Some bats hibernate while others migrate.  Predators include owls, snakes, and bobcats. Big Brown bats can fly nearly 40 mph.  They use their echolocation to avoid obstacles and to catch insects while in flight.  Some plant species have blossoms with evolved acoustic features that make the echo of the bat call more distinguishable to pollinators like the Sandborn Long-Nose bat. Leaf Nose bats have large ears that can hear the footsteps of a cricket.  Spotted bats have huge ears that roll up while resting, then, when active, they fill with blood and inflate.  A Pallid bat has a voracious appetite and can eat half it’s body weight in insects in one night.

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  My years at the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ provided me with a wealth of opportunity to expand my background in art.  I was no longer confined to a small studio and therefore could make my projects mammoth if I chose to do so.  I was able to try my hand at set design, wood working, lights, etc…but I found that working with metal gave me the most satisfaction.
While in college, we were assigned the task of creating a nom de plume. dh is the first letter of my first and last name. Seadragon is a nickname dubbed to me by my father.
After graduating with my degree in fine art, the name stayed with me. Today, most of my art is signed dhSeadragon.


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